New Season, New Will

The start of the new season is the perfect time to review your Will or finally make that appointment to have one put in place.

Your Will is one of the most important legacies that you will leave when you pass. It documents your legally binding wishes about who will receive your assets.

Did you know that assets you own jointly, such as the family home, will pass automatically to the surviving joint owner on your death?

Are you also aware that assets held in family trusts, companies or in self-managed superannuation funds require careful examination and planning to ensure that control of those assets is passed to the people you wish to have them?

You may own assets that could have unplanned for tax consequences on your death, such as capital gains tax or stamp duty.

Or you may have beneficiaries requiring special treatment, such as a testamentary trust or special disabilities trust.

There is no one size fits all approach to having a Will prepared. Each Will is as unique as the person it belongs to. For this reason, we advise speaking with a lawyer trained in this area to determine what you want, the options available to you and how best to ensure that your Will most effectively reflects your wishes.

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