Updates to VCGLR Applications Forms

Contents: Updates to VCGLR Application forms and forms for supporting documents
The Commission introduced new liquor licence application forms which have been compulsory since March 19th 2015. Applications submitted after that date using the old versions of the forms will not be accepted In addition, the form of application for transfer of a licence or permit has been extensively reworked.

Market Rent Reviews

By Tony Joyce
November 25, 2015

Epping Hotel Case
The long running Epping Hotel case concluded on the 27 August 2015 when the Supreme Court of Appeal handed down its decision.

Review of Gaming Arrangements in the Lead up to 2022

By Wisewould Mahony
March 23, 2016

The Victorian Government announced on 7 August 2015 that it would undertake a review of the current regulatory arrangements for gaming machines in the lead up to the expiration of the current entitlements in 2022.