James Tennant


About me

My name is James Tennant.

My journey at Wisewould Mahony dates back to 2015 when I was hired as a casual clerk whilst studying law at university. After this, I worked as a legal assistant and subsequently commenced as a lawyer in the common law department in 2022 after being admitted. Having worked under so many experienced mentors over the years in different areas of the firm, I been exposed to the legal processes involved in all types of Workcover cases, and what distinguishes a good defence from a bad one.

The firm encourages a personal, hands-on and thorough approach to managing each and every case, which is what allows us to get the best results for our clients. In my experience, friendly and focussed interactions with clients create a relationship that invariably leads to better outcomes.

Working at Wisewould Mahony has always been a pleasure. The people here are extremely friendly and quick to put their hand up when assistance is required.

Areas of expertise