About me

My name is Chris Stakis and I was admitted to practice in 1996.  I have been practising in commercial litigation since 2000 working as a Judge’s Associate in the County Court.

I joined Wisewould Mahony in 2008 and have continued practising  in commercial litigation on a variety of different matters ranging from recovery and insolvency actions to complex  contractual disputes,  and large scale criminal matters.

I have acted in product liability disputes involving multiple insures, professional negligence matters, defamation actions, building and construction  disputes, body corporate matters and a number of shareholder disputes. I have also conducted matters in the Federal Court involving administrative review of government decisions.

The nature of litigation is such that you can become involved in a variety of different and challenging things.

As a litigator, my emphasis is to find solutions to legal problems. This involves consideration of  a number of objectives,  but most importantly finding the best solution for the client. It is this element that makes every single case different and rewarding.

The diversity of Wisewould Mahony provides an ideal environment for litigation as the firm has a wealth of experience and the resources to conduct complex and sophisticated litigation in all areas. This makes it possible to achieve good results very often.