Jourdain Wongtrakun


About me

My name is Jourdain Wongtrakun – my friends call me Jourdy.

I joined Wisewould Mahony as a paralegal in August 2021, before moving into a solicitor role for the WorkCover team in March 2022. I graduated from Monash Law School with First-Class Honours in 2020 and completed my Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at Leo Cussen in 2021. I previously studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and am conversationally fluent in Mandarin.

I currently deal with common law applications in the WorkCover field.

Professionally, my goals are quite immediate – I want to contend with the unique challenges that each case presents and secure the best possible solution the law will permit.

Wisewould Mahony has a culture that emphasises many dualities: we are realistic and yet idealistic, imaginative and yet pragmatic, extremely friendly and yet necessarily candid. Our work environment prioritises teamwork and friendship, and yet maintains a fierce pursuit of excellence. The firm is effective at what it does because everyone at the firm is both personable and ambitious.

There is no quality more important in the provision of a service than knowing that you can rely on it. For clients, the consistent quality of our work should not merely be a reasonable expectation, but a requirement. I’ve always believed that reliability is found not in the component parts of a system, but in its fundamental essence. Wisewould embodies that concept to the letter.

Areas of expertise