Senior Associate

About me

My name is Jennifer Burnett and I am a lawyer in the WorkCover department. I’ve been with the firm since in 2013, completing my traineeship here.

Previously I studied a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and a Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne. As a WorkCover lawyer my main legal experience is in litigation. That means going to court but it also means knowing when and why you shouldn’t go to court. In litigation the best way to get a good outcome is narrowing issues down early and ensuring that you have open and ongoing communication with all the parties involved. In that sense I try to bring straight talk, the ability to really listen and a gentle sense of humour in everything I do.

On a professional level my main motivation is helping people navigate what can be a complicated legal system and WorkCover scheme. I am also driven by a respect for the rule of law and ensuring that the system works fairly and efficiently. Law to me is about the power and limits of language. I like being a lawyer because I get to read, write and think in order to help people. Being lawyer is rarely boring. That’s because the world changes so fast and law is trying to keep up so you are presented with new issues all the time. Even having a small role in helping resolve those issues is satisfying.

Personally the best thing about working here is the people. It would be hard for me to think of a day I’ve had here that I haven’t shared a laugh with a colleague or client and that is pretty special in any workplace.

Areas of expertise