About me

My name is Allen Bagatsing and I am a lawyer in our Mortgage Processing and Property practice areas.

I was admitted to Victorian legal practice in 2019 after completing my supervised legal traineeship at Wisewould Mahony.

Previously, I have also practised as a lawyer and as a certified public accountant in New York.

I mostly act for customer owned banking institutions, and assist mainly in the mortgage lending side of their businesses. These are credit unions and mutual banks whose customers are also their shareholders. I am attracted by their ethos of social responsibility and their commitment to local communities.

I aim each day to provide practical, plain English and commercially driven solutions in a timely and effective manner to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

The success of our Mortgage Processing Team is due to the tireless and selfless work of our passionate staff going above and beyond to meet the high volume mortgage needs of our clients and their stakeholders.

Wisewould Mahony’s collegial, approachable and progressive culture makes it a great law firm to work for.

Areas of expertise