Property Law

Wisewould Mahony has a team of experienced practitioners in the field of property law with expertise in the following areas:

  • Acquisitions and disposals / conveyancing of all property types;
  • Leases and Licences, including options, assignments, sub-leases, renewals and advice to both landlords and tenants, including in relation to premises situated in shopping centres;
  • Property development, including staged subdivisions and off the plan contracts;
  • Compulsory acquisition advice and assistance;
  • Litigation and dispute resolution emanating from disputes involving real property;
  • Contractual defaults;
  • Contamination and environmental issues;
  • Adverse possessions;
  • Fencing disputes;
  • Lost title applications;
  • Title conversions;
  • Caveat disputes;
  • Advice on taxation and duty implications of property transactions;
  • Easements and restrictive covenants;
  • NICO subdivisions;
  • Asset Structure, Tax and Estate Planning;
  • Wills and Probate; and
  • Trusts
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Mortgage Services and Banking and Finance

Wisewoulds Mahony can provide advice and assistance with:

  • Loan and Mortgage documentation for all lender & financier profiles, from individuals to large Mutual Banks / Credit Unions;
  • Corporations and Financial services legislation;
  • Compliance with APRA, ASIC and ACCC regulations;
  • Corporate governance; and
  • Provision of credit, including the application of the National Credit Code.

Senior Practitioners

For more information on any aspect of Wisewould Mahony’s property law services, or to arrange an appointment, contact Julie Barkla.