Catherine Pulverman



About me

My name is Catherine Pulverman and I work in the Insolvency Law & Litigation department at Wisewould Mahony and where I have been since joining the firm in 2004.

I enjoy working here because the firm has a relaxed culture which is refreshing and there are solicitors with a wealth of experience in other areas of law – this means there is always someone who can assist with specific issues arising on my files (property and tax issues are fairly prominent!!).

Given the litigious nature of my work, the best outcomes are achieved by considering the most practical and cost effective solution and which might not always involve a payment of money.  For this reason, the qualities I bring to my work are professionalism, good communication skills with clients and other parties, including the opposition, and rapport with my clients.  Adopting a positive attitude in discussions with a client, particularly in circumstances which can be quite stressful for them, is very important.

There is never a dull moment in litigation and it certainly has its fair share of unhappy or irate people…however, there is nothing better than seeing a satisfied client who has been impressed with the way I have conducted the litigation and achieved a satisfactory resolution for them (whether it was at an early stage of proceedings or right up to judgment).  This is one of the best aspects of being a lawyer.