About me

My name is Cameron Burns and I am part of the Statutory Benefits team in the WorkCover department.

I joined Wisewould Mahony in 2017 as a legal assistant and have transitioned into a Graduate role. Prior to joining the firm I worked for the research arm of a multi-national professional services firm.

Wisewould Mahony is a fantastic place to work; the people are hard working, professional and supportive.  You will find strategies being discussed daily amongst staff thereby improving client outcomes.  The collegiate atmosphere extends beyond work ensuring we all have a lot of fun together while working hard.

From a professional standpoint my main motivators are a love of understanding how things work, and a desire to help others. This assists in development of robust evidence supported case concepts. A detailed and early understanding of matters also assists in identifying matters that are appropriate for litigation and those that are more appropriately negotiated.

In the day to day conduct of files I communicate succinctly, in a straightforward manner and engage in active listening. A well reasoned evidenced based case concept and effective communication is key in negotiation with opposing parties, and ensuring clients remain confident of the progress of their matters.

The variety of cases, the need to strategize and the people at Wisewould Mahony ensures there is never a dull day and the feeling of achieving a good result for your client can’t be beat.

Areas of expertise